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About me, Mike, the owner

Hello. My name is Mike Myers and I love creating beautiful and unique video and photo experiences for each couple and business that I work with. I have been creating videos and shooting photos in some capacity since 2011, and it's developed into a great passion of mine. Each couple, family, senior and company is different from all the rest, each with a unique perspective and personality- I want those distinct characteristics to shine through each piece of work that I create. 

I've been married eight years to my lovely wife, Carman, and we have two incredible kids, Nora & Theo. Outside of making couples and businesses look good, I enjoy golfing, watching Sci-Fi films and Queer Eye, as well as playing drums, guitar and piano. If you ask, maybe I'll sing for you while shooting. 



I have been shooting since 2011 and am more excited now, more than ever, to be doing what I am doing. I am passionate about the art that I create with every single one of my clients. I love being an intricate part of your story and sharing in the joys that the institution of marriage offers or helping your business take that next leap into social media and web content. Let's partner together and create a one-of-a-kind film or photo experience that can only be done between you and MiMyMedia. 

My Philosophy when shooting weddings

Every wedding is unique and creative in it's own way, that's why I pride myself in capturing a unique, one-of-a-kind film that fits the two of you. Ways that I strive to capture a beautiful wedding day, and not just cookie cutter videos and photos, is that I always shoot in a unique-to-you-as-a-couple way, get to know YOU as a couple and even get to know your friends and family come the big day. 

My team  and I love to have fun, we want to be as comfortable to be around as your invited guests, while still capturing an amazing video. We're gonna dance and have fun with you and your guests, it's really the best way to capture dancing footage anyways. ;)

I am proud, not only of the work that we do, but how we do it. I get psyched up about couples saying "I Do" and I, and my team, want to be a part of that. 

My Philosophy when partnering with businesses

It is so important, more now than ever, for our businesses to be at the forefront of peoples minds. With so much overload and over-saturation of so many markets, people are inundated with so much information it’s hard for anyone to really stick out. That’s why video marketing and having beautiful imagery representing your business is SO IMPORTANT.

It is my desire, as your business begins this journey with MiMy, that we don’t just act as the videographer or photographer (the technician, if you will), but that we truly come alongside and partner with you and your marketing department, your owners, whoever the decision-makers are and create something that is not only visually stunning, but gets YOUR target audience truly engaged with your content and consequently buying your product or service - I mean, that’s the goal, right?