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Jessica & Nick // Engagement

Jessica and Nick started their engagement session off with laughs and those continued throughout the remainder of the hour that we spent together. Nick likes to make Jessica smile and that makes my job easier. The fun and goofiness they brought with them made each photo a breeze, but they also share a deep affection and admiration for the other. I am definitely looking forward to working with these two come next September when they tie the knot. Until then, keep making each other laugh and enjoy one another daily.

Kaitlyn + Steve // Columbus Ohio Wedding

Kaitlyn and Steve are a couple all about the details, from the customized perfume bottle to the custom designed logo specifically made for their special day - ALL about the details.

We were excited to create a unique-to-them wedding film and we are excited to share that with the world.



Photographer: Kelci Alane Photography -https://www.kelcialanephotography.com
Reception: Athletic Club of Columbus - https://www.accolumbus.com
Live Band: The Chuck Taylors - https://www.thechucktaylors.com
Church: Holy Cross Catholic Church - http://www.holycrosscatholic.com/
Photobooth: JK Photobooths - http://jkphotobooths.com/
Florals: The Paper Daisy - http://www.thepaperdaisy.com/
Trolley: Columbus Trolley Company - http://www.columbustrolley.com/
Cheesecakes: Dave's Artisanal Cheesecakes - https://www.davesartisanalcheesecakes...
Cookies: Perfect Pear Catering - http://www.perfectpearsisters.com/
Dress: Wedding Atelier - http://weddingatelier.com/
Dress Designer: Celestina Agostino - https://www.facebook.com/celestina.ag...
Shoes: Kate Spade - https://www.katespade.com/
Accessories: Happily Ever Borrowed - https://www.happilyeverborrowed.com/
Invites: Meg Morrow Fine Paper - http://megmorrowdesign.com/
Calligraphy: Made By Meer and LM Lettering & Design - https://www.etsy.com/shop/MadeByMeer
Watercolor Bar Signs: Madeleine Frances - http://www.madeleinefrances.com
Logo: Emily Culbertson - http://emilyculbertson.com/


Are DVD's & BluRay's DEAD?

For the last 25+ years we have consumed media in our homes in a couple of ways, one being through conventional television (cable, satellite, etc.) and another being through physical media plugged into our television (VHS, DVD and BluRay) - before that it was whatever was coming in off the airwaves. Somewhere around the turn of the last decade, however, we began seeing a wave of something new, with Netflix being introduced, then Hulu and on and on. Streaming digital media via an internet connection has become common practice for most households in America, except if you're one of the few that has a bad, or no, high-speed internet connection in your area. Many homes have even dropped other mediums all together, I know in my house we simply have two streaming devices and that is it. We do this for a couple of reasons: 1. It removes all the clutter that used to exist in entertainment centers, and 2. There isn't really anything that TV, DVD's or Blu-Rays have to offer that I can't find on a streaming service - so why make it confusing. 

So here we are in a world where physical media sales are declining by the day. Don't believe me? Just compare the size of the Movie or CD section in your local Best Buy or Wal Mart to what it was ten years ago (it's most likely non-existent comparatively). As a media professional, I am always looking at trends and what technology companies are doing (or not doing), to ensure that MiMyMedia is offering the most up-to-date solutions. 

This is a two-fold blog, the first part being focused on the trends in media consumption, the second part focused on why it pertains to MiMyMedia. You see, for as long as wedding video professionals have been in existence, it's been the same process, shoot the wedding, edit the wedding, copy it onto a VHS or burn it onto a DVD or BluRay, send it to the client. When DVD's and BluRays were at their peak, creating stunning menu's was a huge part of the process, but guess what? To put it bluntly, those days are over. 

You see, a few years ago a small company called Apple, out of San Bernadino, CA, who has played a bit of a role in how we experience personal computing, decided that they were going to remove the CD/DVD/Optical Drive from all of their machines. They did this for a couple reasons: 1. So they could build their machines smaller and more compact, 2. Because they are innovators, they look to the future and decide what's going to make it and what's not. They made an intentional decision to begin phasing out how Mac users consume media by removing the ability to 'insert' media into the device. 

Adobe, the leader in any and all creative softwares used in the world today, decided a similar fate for DVD's and BluRay's around the same time. For years, Adobe supported and updated a DVD/BluRay authoring software called Encore. They ceased development and haven't offered an update in nearly four years. 

So, what does a media company do, especially when history has dictated that, for wedding videos in particular, the couples receive a nicely formatted DVD in their package? We move on, we go forward with technology and where it is developing. We have already begun the phasing process, but by 2018, MiMyMedia will offer NO DVD or BluRay authoring for their clients. 

It would do our clients and couples a disservice if we would continue to use software and hardware that will NEVER be updated. We are at our core, a technology company, always pursuing different avenues of capturing and delivering our content. 

So what is our solution?

Well, for now, computers still have USB inputs (except for the newest MacBook Pro) and we believe it is the most cost effective and efficient way of presenting you with your media. Along with the flash drive in the physical package, we also provide your finished videos via the Cloud. When you receive those files, you can download them and back them up elsewhere. This is pretty much a surefire way of never losing your videos, but in the case that you do, we always offer backups. 

Eventually, I'm sure within the next 5-10 years (maybe sooner), we will be switching it up again. We want to constantly be relevant, making strides with the rest of the world, ensuring that our clients and wedding couples not only have the best experience, but videos that will last a lifetime (if they wish). 

So, we apologize if this is inconvenient for some, but as previously stated, technology advances dictate where we are headed, not me. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment or contact through the Inquire page.